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So who are we?

Our clients are amongst the fastest growing and most innovative software and technology companies in the world. Whether VC backed, private, or publicly traded they are connected by one goal, to be the best in class and create something truly wonderful.  That starts with people!

Our executive recruitment and agile recruitment-as-a-service solutions go beyond simple appointments. We are an executive search firm that positions clients, and those who work within them, for nothing short of greatness.

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Our Locations...


Manchester was the birthplace of the first industrial revolution and will have more than a hand in the fourth. It remains the number one tech location outside of London in the UK and with a growing population and start-up scene it will continue to be a hub for talent.


Barcelona has many factors that are making it increasingly attractive: quality of life, diverse pool of talent, and a maturing start-up ecosystem. All of which are quickly positioning Barcelona as a leading European innovation and tech city.


Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and in recent years has gone through a major post-industrial transformation. With a young, highly-educated, and diverse population, it is one of the fastest-growing technology and start-up hubs in the whole of Scandinavia.