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Don’t compete. Lead.

With Animate by your side, you’ll always have access to the best talent. You’ll have full insight on the perception of your employer brand and you’ll understand the threats to your business from the competition. Adaptable, scalable and proactive, Animate gives your organisation a talent solution that’s fully informed and keeps you ahead of the curve.


You’ll achieve your ambitions sooner with informed solutions which limits the competition and ensures you acquire the very best talent.


Threats and opportunities, businesses are made and lost on them, so while you’re focusing on what you’re good at, we’ll be there to provide data and insight to ensure your internal talent risks are minimised.


The passion, energy and expertise of your employees is your most powerful asset. We’ll ensure you unlock their potential and maximise the return on training and development. The result is an increased personal and business performance.

Talent Attraction

“Bringing to life your search for talent”

Finding new talent starts with understanding your needs. Whether you’re breaking into a new geography or a new sector, re-positioning your brand or simply building upon the great work you have already done. As your partner, we’ll go to market and engage the best talent, ensuring they have the right mix of skills, experience, vision and character to fit your culture and ambitions.
The result for you is the competitive advantage necessary to recruit and develop world-class leadership teams, enabling your organisation to make strategic talent decisions for the long-term.


Talent Scout

“Forward thinking recruitment”

When the needs of your business fluctuate on a seemingly daily basis, you need instant access to an engaged ecosystem of talent to keep things moving. Our talent pooling service uses recruitment and marketing expertise to develop and maintain a pre-qualified and fully engaged pool of candidates.
It works because we’ll understand every aspect of your business and the direction you’re going in. Informed by this, we’ll search the marketplace and hand-pick the very best talent, giving you support that releases your internal teams to be more strategic.


Employer Branding

“Insight that informs, shapes and strengthens”

The skill of attracting the best talent starts before you both meet. We’ll help you identify what makes your organisation a great place to work and make recommendations to ensure you can attract the best people.
Our branding service gives you control of your employer identity, allowing you to shape and control your message to market. You’ll gain sight of any negative market perceptions and you’ll have the ability to create a strong employer brand that stands out against your competition.


Sentiment Analysis

“Know your business, inside and out”

Through sentiment analysis we’ll help you discover threats and manage risk, allowing you to take back control of the perception of your brand, culture and reputation.
We’ll uncover the true market perceptions of your brand and use our expertise to reveal your strengths and weaknesses as a potential employer. We’ll examine your current ability to attract and retain talent, enabling you to identify issues before they become problems.


Salary Benchmarking

“Accurate pay packages through accurate data”

Whether you’re worried about headhunters or need to reassure shareholders, we’ll give you competitor insight using the most accurate data. We’ll start by understanding what your employees do, who they report to, their responsibilities and the skill set required. Then we’ll go to market and get the figures to help you shape the right pay packages.


Competitor Analysis

“An informed decision is a better one”

Whether you want to understand the threat from your competitors, identify candidates or confidentially approach an executive, we’ll go into the marketplace and analyse your competitors.
Tell us exactly what you want to know or we can advise based on your specific needs, then we’ll provide a report to help shape your key talent decisions.


Executive Coaching

“Realising potential and increasing return on investment”

At this level, mistakes, barriers and failed acquisitions are expensive. As your partner we’ll ensure your new talent has the support they need to hit the ground running and succeed.
Our on-boarding programme prepares your new executive for the professional, social and cultural aspects of their new position. In the process, you mitigate the risk of failure, speed up the return on investment and enable all parties to reach their potential sooner.


Psychometric Profiling

“Unlocking potential through analysis”

Workloads, working styles, support and environment. We’ll reveal what affects your brightest and best, helping you keep them engaged and motivated. Our psychometric profiling service gives you a full report on their strengths and weaknesses, the way they communicate, their motivations and how pressure affects their performance.
This data will then help you identify where to distribute training and development budgets, focusing resources where they’re needed most. The result is an engaged workforce, increased retention and new recruits that perfectly fit the business.


Skill Gap Analysis

“Better performance through effective training”

In a world where change is the only constant, skill gaps are common and pose a serious threat to your organisation. As your full-service recruitment partner, we’ll understand your business and analyse your current talent to identify the skills needed to achieve your goals. The results provide ‘big picture’ data, giving you insight into your weaknesses.
Then, as we design and deliver a strategy that up-skills your organisation through effective training and development, action follows analysis. Moving forward, the end result is higher morale across your business, increased retention and optimised market performance.