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Romania: women leading technology companies
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Romania: women leading technology companies

Written by Hristiyana Indzhova

Hristiyana is an experienced head-hunter and talent management strategist who has worked with technology customers across Europe.


The inclusion of women leading in the STEAM sector has always been very important, and more than ever, it has become a necessity. An example of this can be seen in the growing number of women leading the path of entrepreneurship to develop solutions for their problems.

We still have work to do

Referring to Tony Danker, Director-General at CBI, in the annual FTSE Women Leaders Review report “The moral and business case for gender diversity is watertight. But the job is far from done. As we emerge from the pandemic, there’s more that needs to be done to dismantle the barriers that prevent women from rising to the top. Businesses have a vital role to play in achieving a more inclusive economy, where work enables all talent to progress”.

And we still have a lot of work to do. Although the pandemic has been an effervescent process on the part of businesses in the digitalisation and automation of many processes, synonymous with progress, there are still barriers that prevent capable women from reaching decision-making positions. In other words, at the executive level of companies.

This is why DEI policies are gaining more and more momentum in the business environment. An example of the successful implementation of such policies can be seen in what Personio did.


The Balkan region: an uncut diamond

And an example of this explosion of entrepreneurship can be seen in countries located in areas such as Romania. That is why we are delighted to be able to share with you women leading entrepreneurship projects share the list of the 15 female entrepreneurs in the STEAM sector in Romania that you should keep an eye on this 2023.

Alexandra-Nadia Balan is the Co-Founder of Giants a web3 solution provider that helps other companies enter the MultiversX ecosystem and was created in December 2021.

Ioana Axinte is the co-founder and CEO of One Learning in the edtech sector, based in the UK. She wants to solve a problem that affects more than 175 million children around the world: the difficulty to access primary education, suffering inequalities from the very beginning.

Cristiana Banila is the CSO and Co-founder of Mitra bio, a based UK beauty business using data science to extend skin longevity. they use non-invasive skin sampling to guide the design of age rejuvenation compounds and therapeutics.

Alina Catalina Banuleasa is the founder of Morph, which offers a tool where you can share ideas with your team asynchronously and brainstorm with them.

Ruxandra Nadia Bitu Co-founder of a Romanian-based business called This artificial intelligence-based project seeks AI-powered Coaching as Software to improve worker well-being and quality of work and reduce costs.

Roxana Bitoleanu is the Co-Founder of Logistia. Launched in 2020, Logisitia is a platform that helps generate optimal routes, see stock alerts and sync your products on the most important e-commerce platform in seconds.

Oana Bizgan is a Bucarest-based woman that founded 22Trust Venture, a fintech Startup that aims to increase Retail banking profitability using a rewarding system for their customer.

Lucia DÂRZAN Is the Co-Founder and VP of Business Development at Procesio, a visual software development environment in the cloud to deliver value for the business by removing repetitive manual work and automating business processes. Ringhel is the leading Romanian niche software provider for power and gas industry in Romania.

Oana Durcau is the co-founder of Triliada, a edtech that aims to help high school students choose the right university for them by connecting them directly with other students and professionals.

Filothea Favatas is the founder and CEO of GHLASS. This project aims to engage designers with affiliates & sell items to their customers all over Europe.

Dana Gheza is the founder of, a browser-based platform to design, balance and simulate game systems. A great tool that can simulate different outcomes, plot results, and balance the economy of your game.

Maria Cristina Ianau Founder of Sacosh since 2020. this project creates environment-friendly bags made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, aiming to create products with a negative carbon footprint.

Lavinia Iosub Founder of Livit Hub & Remote Skills Academy since 2015. The Hub supports entrepreneurs and startup teams to launch global projects and the Academy is an edtech platform that teaches locals how to build and promote a successful remote career.

Adina Jipa is the co-founder and CMO of Socialinsider, a tool that unified dashboards for social media analytics, reporting and benchmarking.

If you think we have missed any person to name, you are free to tell us and if you liked this content, don’t forget to share, and tag people who might be interested in it.

Written by Hristiyana Indzhova

Hristiyana is an experienced head-hunter and talent management strategist who has worked with technology customers across Europe.