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Hiring Remote Workers in 2021 – The Complete Guide
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Hiring Remote Workers in 2021 – The Complete Guide

Written by Darren Timmins

A guide to hiring remote workers in 2021 and which traits make the best remote workers…

Many things changed in 2020, but nothing more so than the migration from the office to working from home. Many companies, including Animate, were born in the cloud and it was just a continuation of what they are already doing. For others, however, it was a paradigm shift with the need for new technology, processes, and leadership styles.

As we stride into 2021, and on the back of all this investment will we go back to 100% working in an office – I doubt it. So, what needs to be considered in 2021 – the year of the remote worker!!!

If you are now looking ahead with growth ambitions but are not totally comfortable hiring remote workers or want some tips on how to improve your remote recruitment process, this guide is for you.  We start out by highlight the most common traits in successful remote workers. Providing you with a set of questions to evaluate each trait and then provide you with a framework (Interview Scorecard / Hiring Scorecard) to make a decision. Allowing you to recruit the best people for your business. Answering questions such as:

  • What makes a great remote hire?
  • Which personality traits are most common in successful remote workers?
  • Which process should I use for remote hiring?
  • What are the dos and don’ts of remote hiring?


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