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Animate exists to support the growth and development of individuals and organisations, helping them realise their potential. We strive to do this beyond commercial relationships, that’s why we donate a percentage of our profits to charities that are making a real difference at home and around the world.

Our Partners

Blossom Africa

Animate is delighted to be supporting Blossom Africa, a charity close to our hearts. Darren spent some time in Uganda helping them with their projects and so knows firsthand the great work that can come from even small donations. He met many of the group leaders and was blown away by their desire to improve the lives of all in the area.
Blossom Africa believes in equipping individuals, groups and communities in Africa with the skills and resources to own and solve the challenges they face in their lives. They are currently working in Uganda and are developing an innovative, intensive training programme to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of the most active members in isolated rural communities. The ultimate aim of this training is for individuals and groups to develop and own their own projects and have the confidence and ability to make positive changes within their lives and communities.
Their ultimate vision is to create a network of individuals and groups who are active in creating change and who share knowledge and support each other
You can find out more or get in touch at

Street Support

Animate have supported various homeless charities in recent years. Our desire to help has been driven by the growing number of homeless people visible on the streets in Manchester and other cities throughout the UK. Having met the founders of Street Support we were overwhelmed by their passion and dedication to change the status quo. We are therefore investing our time and resources to support this great cause.
Street Support is a central network for all those who want to see an end to homelessness. This online resource makes it easier for people who are homeless to find services to meet their needs, and for people who want to help to know where to go and what to do.
Street Support works closely with people who have experience of homelessness and connects charities and grassroots groups to businesses and individuals that want to help.
Street Support is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on partners to support them, enabling them to develop this resource for Manchester and for other cities across the UK.
You can find out more or get in touch at

How it works

As one of our customers, each time we complete a piece of work together, you’ll be asked which charity you’d like to support. At the end of year we’ll donate a percentage of the profits from our work together to that cause. If you’d like any additional information or would like to get involved personally, feel free to get in touch at