Our story isn’t about us – it’s about you.

But here’s a snippet if you insist.

Animate was born with a simple ambition: to connect the world’s best talent with the most pioneering companies.
We knew the only way to achieve this was through the development of new, innovative talent solutions. Looking back, it was a bold statement for a young company, but we’d seen enough of the recruitment industry to know that people and businesses deserved better.
Right from the start we wanted the flexibility to build a business our way, creating services to be proud of. We have focused on the enterprise software, outsourcing and technology sectors, industries we have passionately supported for decades.
United with a vision to do things differently, our advanced resourcing solutions transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better. Every day we use innovation to help our clients achieve their ambitions sooner and stronger, using our knowledge and talent management expertise to enable our customers to build world class teams.
Behind it all is an open and collaborative partnership with organisations that share our joy for doing things differently. Because, we’re in this together and your success is our success.

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Our founders...


Coming from Manchester there were only two things growing up music and football. Although his music tastes are questionable, and some would argue his football team is too. He does enjoy the world outside of the North West of England though and since his teens he has spent his time travelling whenever possible. From supporting rural communities in Uganda to getting married in India he takes every opportunity to explore new places and meet new people.
Darren has always had aspirations to build his own company, to shape and drive a culture that in turn supports the growth of individuals and companies.


A technology geek at heart, Iain is passionate about how businesses can use technology to change people’s lives and transform society. He loves partnering with like-minded professionals and thrives on introducing new talent to great companies.
Outside of work, Iain enjoys a range of sporting pursuits including running, cycling, squash, rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing. A lover of animals, fine food and cinema.
Iain’s vision for Animate was to create a company built on his core values, backed with a desire to blend traditional recruitment services with innovative talent solutions, delivered in a flexible and personable way.